Dedicated, Professional, Fire Protection Specialists

Smiling Young Man
Rick Crowley Jr

Growing up in the business, Rick Jr has the experience and knowledge to get your project completed on time and on budget. A graduate of Babson University, Rick holds an BS in business administration as well as an MBA.

Mature Man's Portrait
Rick Crowley

50 years ago, Rick Crowley Sr began his life long passion when he founded AAA Sprinkler Company. Rick brings a lifetime of fire safety and protection to the team.

Smiling Man
Dennis Saillant
Vice President

With over 40 years of sprinkler design, and installation, Dennis knows what it takes to get your project completed. 

Vincent Ricci
Senior Designer

Vincent has over 30 years of sprinkler design experience.  Using the latest software on state of the art workstations, AAA engineers have the best technology and tools to design your life safety system.